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Plain and simple; we are crazy about scooters. It's not important what you ride. Vespa, Lambretta, Buddy, Kymco,  Aprilla, or SYM; vintage, modern, metal, plastic, small displacement or maxi. Whatever it is; let's ride!

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TST ran in the Florida Vintage Motorcycle Club Fireball 200 from Daytona Beach ending at Crystal River!

​Mapsail, Dude! RG, and Tedster made up the vintage scooter contingency! Two vintage Lambrettas and two vintage Vespas made the cross state run no problem...much to the surprise of many of the MC riders!  A little video here

Our partners in scooter shenanigans; Tampa Two Stroke, hosted  Sleepaway Camp 2016. A little rain Friday night and then perfect weather!

​Bocette, NCC-1701, Mapsail and Dude! didn't miss it!

In Mod We Trust

 Scooterists With a Different Edge!

Team Scooter Trash believes in being part of the community, and not just the scooter community. We are running the CBR as a fundraiser for the Petfinder Foundation!

Scooter "Dude!" Raton ready to run the Fireball!

Our Team


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What is wrong with us?

We’re scooter people. We are preparing for the 2016 Scooter Cannonball Run. We are building the team. Riders, support crew, sponsors, and scooterhead fanatics! The CBR page has all the details and updates. We are participating in to benefit the Petfinder Foundation.

Mapsail flying through the Gymkhana!