Earth First!

​We'll Ride The Other Planets Later!


​Yes, the support team is at the top!  The riders can't make it without them.  They carry parts, tools and we hope not often, broken down scooters and riders.

ScooterRaton - "Dude!" #42 (V-2012) 1967 Vespa GT (225 cc), (95%)  The motor is a 1979 P200 modified to 225cc with a Pinasco top end.  Porting and machining by Al at Hot Rod Scooters.  Full hydraulic front disc brake mod. This scooter won "Best Rat Bike" at Amerivespa 2015.  Dude! is living Comfort Eagle with Gordon Schumway as his co-pilot!  Vintage cannonballers are scooterists with a different edge!

Motovista -  #20 (V - 2014) 2006 Vespa GT200 (116%)  Piaggio Hexagon  turn it into a liquid cooled 218cc Malossi stuck into the GT.  Malossi straight cut primary gears, Yellow Contra spring and stainless steel bearings. 


The Team Scooter Trash riders are a diverse group.  They will be riding vintage and modern scooters. Below you will see their registration name followed by their team name and status as a veteran or rookie and number.  Next will be their ride! Year make and model of scooter followed by their handicap percentage.

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Proceeds help TST make the run, each shirt supplies about 2 gallons of diesel!

The front has TST in classic Vespa script with our motto

"In Mod We Trust" 

The back  has the new TST logo with our mission statement

"Earth First - We'll Ride The Other Planets Later!

Tromper #64 (Rookie) TBD  Tromper is our mystery man! He will be making the run, we don't know what it will be but we can't wait to find out!

Kelle Belle (Kell Bell) - (rookie) her first run will be in the direction of home. This woman is fired up and ready to rock it!  Her partner "Tromper" is running this year.

Bocette - (V-2012) this is her second run as support.  She jammed the 2012 CBR and helped not only TST members but many others too. Married to a vintage scooter head she is nuts enough to do it again! Some have called her Mrs. Dude!

Absurd Ruse - #58 (V-2012) 1958 Vespa VNA (84%) The motor is a stock 1979 P200 with a Grand Sport piston, Cosa clutch, EFL transmission, T5 carb, and some other custom stuff. hello to "Green Fairy". A long time TST member running vintage!  As mentioned before...vintage riders are nuts!

TST is running the SCB in support of the Petfinder Foundation. The Petfinder Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that supports the shelters and rescue groups that post their adoptable pets on Their mission is to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home


We are hungry for the road!

With little more than a monthbefore the start everyone is getting ready for the adventure. The tardis is ready and will be jamming. The pod is getting new bearings, brakes, and tiedowns.  TST is stoked!  Team members have scooters that are ready...and some that are still in build stage! 


In Mod We Trust

Absurd Ruse and the Green Fairy!

Crispywing - #44 (Rookie) 2012 Kymco Yeager (111%)

Jdracer #99 (Rookie) 2013 Kymco Downtown 200 (117%)  Another one of our Florida rookies out for an adventure of a lifetime!

Scooterista - "Bo" #9, (V-2010)  1977 Vespa P200E (198 cc), (99%) . One of TST's Philly Fillies she is rolling vintage on "Sloppy Joe".  Here she is running a lap at the Brickyard. Scooter chicks rock!

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Z50 #26 (Rookie) 2014 Suzuki Burgman 200 (117%) One of the Florida riders making his first cannonball run!

hvdhw #54 ​2016 Vespa GTS 300 Super (*Maxi) During this run there will be a beta test, including hvdhw, for scooters over 250cc displacement. It should be very interesting to watch this test evolve during the run!